Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow IIAC_Image_Piper_PA-28R-200_Arrow

N1147X is a 1975 Piper Arrow equipped with a 200 hp engine, retractable gear, 3-bladed constant speed prop, four seats and two 25-gallon fuel tanks. The aircraft is equipped for night and IFR operations and is a suitable trainer for both Instrument Ratings and Complex Aircraft Endorsements. Avionics include dual NAVCOMs, Garmin GNS 530 WAAS GPS, KT165 Mode C Transponder, and Piper AutoControl IIIB Autopilot. N1147X does not have the automatic gear extension feature installed on earlier Arrows.

Length: 24′ 7″
Height: 8′ 0″
Wingspan: 32′ 2″
Wing Area: 160.0 sq. ft.
Empty Weight: 1702 lbs.
Gross Weight: 2650 lbs.
Seats: 4
Powerplant: Lycoming IO-360-C1C, 200 HP, Four Cylinder
Range: 810 NM
Cruise Speed: 139 knots / 160 mph
Max Speed: 147 knots / 170 mph
Stall Speeds: 55 knots / 64 mph (gear and flaps down)
61 knots / 71 mph (gear and flaps up)
Sea Level Climb: 910 ft/min
GPS: Garmin GNS 530
IFR Certified: Yes
Piper PA-28-161 Warrior IIAC_Image_Piper_PA-28-161_Warrior

N9103M is a 1986 Piper Warrior II equipped with a 160 hp engine, fixed landing gear, 2-bladed fixed-pitch prop, four seats and two 25-gallon fuel tanks. The aircraft is equipped for night and IFR operations. Avionics include dual NAV/COM radios with ILS capability, an ADF, and a Mode C Transponder.

Length: 23′ 10″
Height: 7′ 4″
Wingspan: 35′ 0″
Wing Area: 169.0 sq. ft.
Empty Weight: 1513.7 lbs.
Gross Weight: 2440 lbs.
Seats: 4
Powerplant: Lycoming O-320-D, 160 HP, Four Cylinder
Range: 610 NM (65% power at 8000′)
Cruise Speed: 105 knots / 122 mph (65% power at 8000′)
Max Speed: 160 knots / 184 mph
Stall Speeds: 44 knots / 51 mph
Sea Level Climb: 600 ft/min
GPS: Garmin Aera 660
IFR Certified: Yes
Cessna T-41C MescaleroT-41C

The T-41C Mescalero was designed and manufactured by Cessna, and delivered to the USAF for preliminary flight screening of pilot candidates. It is an all metal, single engine, high wing monoplane. The propeller is all metal, fixed pitch, and designed for best climb. The T-41C is powered by a horizontally-opposed, fuel-injected, six-cylinder, IO-360-D engine rated at 210 BHP at 2,800 RPM. In 1968 and 1969, the US Air Force Academy acquired 52 T-41C’s with the 210 HP engines and climb props for better high altitude performance at the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs. N7869N is on government loan to PRNFC.

Length: 26′ 11″
Height: 8′ 9.5″
Wingspan: 36′
Wing Area: 174.2 sq. ft.
Empty Weight: 1432 lbs.
Gross Weight: 2500 lbs.
Seats: 4
Powerplant: Continental IO-360, 210 HP, Fuel-Injected Six Cylinder
Range: 580 NM
Cruise Speed: 126 knots / 145 mph
Max Speed: 158 knots / 182 mph
Stall Speed: 52 knots / 60 mph
Sea Level Climb: 1100 ft/min
GPS: Garmin GNC 300XL
IFR Certified: No