Ground Instruction

The Club will be running a Private Pilot Ground School course starting Sep 12, 2022. Please read the information below and sign up here if you are interested. We often offer an Instrument Pilot Ground School course each year as long as a sufficient number of students sign up.  Please contact Amanda, the Manager, if you are interested. Once members have taken a ground school course, they are welcome to re-attend lessons in subsequent courses for life.  You do not have to be a PRNFC member to take a ground school course. For government employees, PRNFC ground schools may be counted toward your forty hour annual training requirement. Also, your NAVAIR Group may pay for the school. Costs are shown on our rates page. Schedules for the next courses are as follows:

Private Pilot Ground School–2022
Mondays, Building 2189, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Session Date PHAK Chapter(s) Topic
1 12 Sep 1 Introduction
2 19 Sep 3 & 4 Aircraft Construction & Principles of Flight
3 26 Sep 5 Aerodynamics of Flight
4 10 Oct 6 Flight Controls
5 17 Oct 7 Aircraft Systems Part 1
6 7 Nov 7 Aircraft Systems Part 2
7 14 Nov 8 Flight Instruments
8 21 Nov 9 & 10 Flight Manuals, Weight & Balance
9 28 Nov 11 Aircraft Performance
10 5 Dec 12 Weather Theory
11 12 Dec None Airplane Show ‘n Tell
12 19 Dec 13 Weather Services
13 26 Dec 14 Airport Operations
14 9 Jan 15 Airspace
15 23 Jan 16 Navigation Part 1
16 30 Jan 16 Navigation Part 2
17 6 Feb 17 Aeromedical Factors
18 13 Feb FAR/AIM Regulations
19 27 Feb 2 Aeronautical Decision Making
20 6 Mar All Test Prep/Make-up/Review
Instrument Pilot Ground School–Not Currently Scheduled
Wednesdays, Building 2189, TBD
TBD Intro and Human Factors
TBD Federal Aviation Regulations/AIM
TBD Principles of Instrument Flight
TBD The Flight Environment
TBD Departure/Enroute
TBD Arrival
TBD Arrival & Instrument Approaches
TBD Meteorology
TBD IFR Considerations
TBD Practical Test Standard, Flight Test Prep, Local IFR Proc.
TBD Final Exam, Course Completion Certificate

Flight training may be commenced at any time before, during or after groundschool; prospective students are encouraged to contact us or attend any monthly safety meeting to meet our flight instructors and arrange lessons. Monthly safety meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 5.30pm in the Clubhouse.