Flight Instruction

PRNFC offers instruction suitable to those who have never flown before and wish to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate, as well as those seeking instruction in high performance aircraft, or in pursuit of a Commercial Pilot Certificate. In addition, PRNFC offers Private Pilot Ground School and Instrument Ground School, which will prepare the applicant to take the required FAA written exams for Private Pilot Certification and Instrument rating. The ground school classes are open to the general public, as well.

Those pilots not seeking primary instruction or advanced ratings must successfully complete a club practical evaluation in the aircraft they wish to fly, before acting as PIC. Contact Us to arrange a check flight.

Requirements — Private Pilot

  1. Knowledge Exam (computer based “written exam”)
  2. Medical Exam (Class 3 flight physical)
  3. Practical Exam (flight test)

We recommend that any aspiring private pilot first complete an approved Ground School in preparation for the Knowledge Test.

In addition to passing a computer-based knowledge test, stressing regulations, aircraft systems, weather, navigation, etc., any applicant for FAA Private Pilot Certification must have accumulated at least 40 flight hours, including:

  • 20 Hours Dual (Instruction) Time, including:
    • 3 Hours Night
    • 3 Hours Simulated Instrument
    • 3 Hours Cross-Country Training
    • A Night Cross Country Flight at least 100 NM in length
    • 3 Hours Test Preparation within 60 days of Practical Exam
  • 10 Hours Solo, including:
    • 5 Hours Cross Country
    • A Cross Country at least 150 NM total distance¬†including¬†two stops at airfields at least 50 NM apart

The applicant will then be prepared for the Practical Exam with an FAA Flight Examiner. Upon successful completion of all the requirements listed above and the Practical Exam, the FAA Flight Examiner will issue a temporary Private Pilot certificate. The FAA will mail the permanent certificate after the application is processed.

See also PRNFC Currency Requirements for student and certificated pilots