Club Membership is required to rent aircraft or receive flight instruction.

Aircraft Wet Rate
Discount Rate* Notes



Operated with and insured for two seats.  VFR only.



Operated with and insured for two-seat seats. IFR certified, VOR, ILS, and RNAV(WAAS-GPS) certified; not authorized for flight into known icing conditions.

*The 10% Discount Rate applies when the aircraft is returned prior to 1:00 PM during weekdays, excluding holidays.

Groundschool Cost
Private Pilot Groundschool Lessons


Private Pilot Groundschool Course Materials


Instrument Pilot Groundschool Lessons


Instrument Pilot Groundschool Course Materials


Ground and Flight Instructor rate: $37/hr.
Headset rental: $3/flight.

Rental costs are based on engine running time taken from the Hobbs Meter.
Wet Rate includes aircraft rental, all fuel uploaded from NAS Patuxent River and insurance.  Members will be reimbursed for actual costs of fuel purchased at other airfields up to a maximum of the published rate for fuel at St. Mary’s County airport.

Correct as of: 2 Jan 2024